‘Happy Ending Massage’ in Japan

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Being based in Japan for some time now I see a great deal of Foreigners here. Most of them have been to other parts of Asia and think they know ‘the drill’ here.. They always ask me, “Hey man, where can I find a ‘DECENT’ Massage place” .. Me, I know ‘the drill’ with them, I have to ask “What sort of Massage are you after!?” – It’s the same shit, different day!


Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 5.37.49 PMI always recommend (Traditional) Thai Massage which is more about stretching.. Kinda like having someone do Yoga for you.. (see more on the link below, it’s legit).. But most of the time as I explain this, I see the excitement on their face disappear. For me, I like to ‘maintain’, so I go to my friends Thai Massage place locally at least once every two weeks.

Traditional Thai Massage Info 




As for ‘Happy Ending’ Massages, believe it or not, I haven’t heard of ANY Thai Massage places being ‘shady’ here.. I’m sure there’s a possibility, but with all that shit comes drama of the local ‘enforcers’ wanting their cut and so on. So there’s likely more money in being legit and having a good reputation, in my honest opinion anyway.

In Tokyo and other big cities here, you CAN find places that will ‘offer’ you extras but it’s annoying if you go there for an actual massage.. They’re not interested.. They’ll push you for it straight away.. This is very common with ‘Chinese’ Massage places as I describe here in the video. A friend of mine who used to live here ALWAYS got tricked into spending FAR TOO much.. They’d get him every time!! For example, on a 1 hour course, they’s massage him for 55mins and then start rubbing his groin asking if he wanted to ‘extend’.. they amount of times I lent this guys money.. I swear, it’s like he never fucking learned!!! hahaha.

On a different note, as a part of my study of T.C.M. (Traditional Chinese Medicine) I studied acupressure and this lead me to Moxibustion (which is also very widely used in Japan) along with Shiatsu and Acupuncture. These are all great methods which I have always been interested in and love to expand my knowledge on but again.. I recommend TRADITIONAL THAI MASSAGE for anyone who hasn’t tried it yet! :)

See the video of where I found some ‘SHADY’ Massage Places here in Japan



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